She Says Her Relationship Was So Bad That She And Her Boyfriend Went On One Last Date To Celebrate The End

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Breakups can be messy, and they often leave people in utter devastation and heartbreak. There are just so many complex emotions to navigate in the aftermath of a breakup.

Although breakups are never easy and they always hurt, some couples looking to split up have embraced an interesting idea: ending their relationship by going on a date.

This way, they can enjoy their final days together before severing ties and heading their separate ways without a fuss.

An honest conversation and a chosen day on the calendar for when to break up can help soften the blow so a breakup doesn’t just come out of nowhere.

Putting everything out in the open also creates a healthier dynamic between you and your partner. It eliminates a lot of tension, so the both of you won’t be left wondering whether or not your relationship will continue dragging on.

TikToker Diana (@dianaangellica) is sharing how she and her boyfriend went on one last date to conclude their relationship.

The 14-second clip received over five million views, with many commenters claiming they would surely be crying during the entire date and others deeming it to be “the worst kind of breakup.”

In the text overlay of the video, she wrote, “Relationship was so bad that we went on a date to celebrate the end of our relationship.”

Diana filmed her and her boyfriend having a late-night picnic at the beach. They shared some pizza and drinks and enjoyed the view of the ocean.

Evrymmnt – – illustrative purposes only

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