She Upset Her Future Sister-In-Law After Violating Her Dietary Laws By Heating Food Up For Her Son

andi26 - - illustrative purposes only

Eating with other friends or family members can get complicated when you or your child have dietary restrictions. 

One woman recently upset her future sister-in-law after violating her religious dietary laws by heating food for her son in her modified kitchen. 

Her son has sensory issues and gastroesophageal reflux disease. Whenever they go anywhere, she packs him his own food to eat. 

She and her family often gather at her brother’s house since he lives near the family and has a large home.

However, things at his house have begun to change ever since he got engaged to his girlfriend, Tisha.

Tisha grew up in a strict religion, and although she’s not as devout as she was as a kid, she still follows her religion’s dietary laws. 

Since Tisha moved in with her brother, she’s redesigned his kitchen and started becoming strict about food whenever anyone came over. 

“Now my brother won’t let any food that Tisha doesn’t pre-approve into the house,” she explained.

“She either has to cook everything, or they have to drive an hour to get food at restaurants she’s okay with.”

andi26 – – illustrative purposes only

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