She Upset Her Sister For Refusing To Take Her Daughter On Vacation Because of Her Behavior

 “Me and my husband told my sister that Kelly was not coming on any more overnight trips with us because of her behavior,” she recalled.

“My sister is angry now because we haven’t changed our minds and are staying true to our word by only bringing Allan and Ava to our week-long trip in August.”

Her sister has been using excuses for Kelly’s behavior, saying she’s only 10 and behaving like a young kid. While she understands Kelly is still young, she compared her behavior to a four-year-old’s.

“She says Allan and Ava may be mature [and] calm for their ages, but I am out of line to punish Kelly for not being the exception to her age,” she added.

“She hopes me and my husband feel good about ourselves after excluding a child.”

While she doesn’t want to exclude anyone, she and her husband cannot handle Kelly’s behavior.

Is she being mean by leaving Kelly out of their next trip, or is it for the best?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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