She Was Invited To Her Late Fiancé’s Sister’s Wedding, But She Knows Her Late Fiancé’s Parents Don’t Want Her There

polinaloves - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Back in May of 2021, this woman’s fiancé, John, tragically passed away very unexpectedly.

Her late fiancé had been sick since 2018, struggling with anxiety, depression, and neuropathy. According to her, John was also a heavy drinker, which did not help his health.

“I was his sole caretaker in every way until the end,” she recalled.

She was also always extremely close to her late fiancé’s family– especially his sister, Jane.

But, in October of 2021, she wound up meeting someone new following the loss of her fiancé. Things started off slowly with a few lunch dates, and eventually, she ultimately fell for the guy– who is now her boyfriend.

However, her late fiancé’s mother was not happy at all. In fact, John’s mom actually accused her of being a “traitor” for moving on so soon.

Thankfully, though, John’s sister, Jane, was extremely supportive.

And now, Jane’s sister is engaged to be wed and even invited both her and her new boyfriend to the wedding. It’s also important to note that Jane didn’t just invite her boyfriend as a plus-one, either. Instead, he was actually invited by name.

But her late fiancé’s parents had not spoken to her until October 2021, when she started her new relationship. So, after they saw her name on the guest list, a massive argument broke out.

polinaloves – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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