She Went On A Date That Turned Out To Be A Job Interview, But He Still Kissed Her

Andrew Bayda - - illustrative purposes only

Going on a date can sometimes feel like you’re interviewing for a job. But in this case, one girl actually did go on a job interview that she initially believed was a date.

TikToker Becca Moore (@becccamooore) is explaining how she went on a date that turned out to be a job interview, but the guy still ended up kissing her at the end of the night, leaving her completely mystified about his intentions.

So, a guy she had been crushing on for a while messaged her out of the blue one day, asking if she wanted to get dinner with him.

He was cute, nice, popular, and an overall likable person. She was overjoyed and told all her friends about it.

When she showed up at the restaurant, he was already there. She looked around for him but couldn’t find him anywhere. Then, she spotted him sitting at a table in the corner with another girl.

She walked over to the table in confusion. As she approached, he greeted her enthusiastically and introduced her to his friend.

At first, Becca thought they had just happened to run into each other and that the friend would be leaving soon enough.

But as more time passed, it was apparent that she was there to stay. She even ordered a drink!  When the waiter came to take their orders, Becca thought that this would be the girl’s cue to leave.

But she ordered an entrée, so now it was official–all three of them were seemingly on a date together.

Andrew Bayda – – illustrative purposes only

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