She Went On A Date With A Cardiac Surgeon, And He Showed Up In Worn-Out Sweatpants, Then Proceeded To Brag About All The Money He Would Make In The Future

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It’s known that doctors tend to be in high demand in the dating market. People consider being a doctor a respectable career, and the amount of money doctors make is a bonus. However, one woman is reporting that a doctor she dated was arrogant and seemed to have an inflated ego.

A TikTok creator named Ariel King (@arielsrna) is talking about a bad date she went on that felt like an interview for a job she didn’t really want. But she went to it anyway for the experience because she had just gone through a breakup and was trying to get back into the dating scene.

So Ariel has been an ICU nurse at a level one trauma center for several years, and she was asked out on a date by a cardiac surgeon who worked at the same hospital.

He was very persistent about going on a date with her, so she agreed, and they planned to meet up at a brewery at 8 p.m. However, he showed up late and was wearing old, worn-out sweatpants paired with an equally tattered t-shirt.

It was obvious that he had put zero effort whatsoever into his appearance. During the date, he proceeded to brag about all the money he would make in the future and all the nice cars he would have.

Then, he mentioned that if he were living in Los Angeles, he would have the status of a Persian prince and claimed that people would be bowing down to him and kissing his hand to show their appreciation for the work that he does.

He also gulped down three beers and ended up finishing Ariel’s beer because he thought she wasn’t drinking hers quickly enough.

To finish off the date, he told her about the four children he wanted to have someday. And he named all four of them.

Several TikTok users chimed in with their opinions on dating doctors in the comments section, and some of them didn’t hold back.

ID 53089644 – © Yulia Grigoryeva – – illustrative purposes only

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