She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Behaved Rudely At Dinner, Threw Money At The Servers, And Failed To Tell Her He Was Living With Another Girl

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TikToker Kay Bertina (@kaybertina) is describing the most insufferable date she’s ever been on with a guy who had just gotten out of jail six months prior. He behaved rudely at dinner, threw money at the servers, and failed to tell her he was living with another girl.

So they made plans to go to dinner at a very popular restaurant in Beverly Hills. She asked him if they should make a reservation since the restaurant was always packed with people.

He brushed off her concerns, stating it wasn’t necessary because he was a regular there. On the day of the date, she arrived shortly after him and found him sitting at the bar. He told her they didn’t have a table as if it would be a surprise to her.

Then, he waved a waitress over, slid her a hundred-dollar bill, and asked her to get them a table. The waitress said she would see what she could do. Twenty minutes went by, and the waitress still hadn’t returned.

So he waved another server over and handed her a hundred-dollar bill as well! Forty minutes passed before they were able to be seated. And they were led to a table all the way in the back next to where the trash was located.

Kay was fine with it because they hadn’t made a reservation, so the long wait times and undesirable seating were to be expected. However, her date was rude and disrespectful to their server the entire time. He did continue handing out twenty- and one hundred-dollar bills, though.

The next day, she agreed to go on another date with him, although looking back, she had no idea why. Dinner wasn’t great, but it was quicker than the night before. Afterward, they went back to his house to watch a movie.

When they arrived at his house, Kay was surprised to see a random girl there. The girl was not related to him in any way. He explained to Kay that he was just helping her out, and she was staying at his place for the time being.

Then, he turned to the other girl and pointed out how attractive Kay was, to which the girl agreed. Kay was becoming very uncomfortable with the situation and decided to head home.

ID 196318580 – © Monkey Business Images – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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