She Went On A Date With A Guy Who Couldn’t Tell The Difference Between Fruits, And It Was Then That She Knew She Didn’t Want To Go Further In A Relationship With Him

The “cantaloupe” was covered in a hoodie and had a face drawn on it with black marker. However, the fruit in the video was actually a honeydew. He reiterated that he knew what a cantaloupe was and then proceeded to tell her that he had a girlfriend.

Several TikTok users were confused as to how he had a girlfriend and questioned why he brought up the topic of fruit in the first place.

“Plot twist: girlfriend IS a cantaloupe,” commented one user.

“I feel sorry for his gf. Unless he made her up to save face, which is way more plausible for whatever types of people with these issues,” stated another.

“Why would you ask a fruit question if you don’t know fruit?” wrote a third.


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