She Went On A First Date That Only Lasted About 45 Seconds Before She Left, And It Was The Third Time They Had To Reschedule

“I had a guy like that, and I eventually was like ‘yeah let’s totally meet up at x time at x location,’ and he showed up and I never did,” commented one user.

“Fifteen seconds longer than my worst first date. She started talking about how she thought dragons were disgusting, evil creatures. I got up, paid, and left,” wrote another.

“I had a boyfriend like this. He just was literally so irresponsible and disorganized,” stated a third.


I know the bar is in the bad place but I don’t think it’s asking too much for someone to be on time to a first date after they fuck up the first two attempts. #dating #datingstorytime #datinginyour20s #datinginyour30s #denver #denverdating #datingindenver #denvercolorado #golden #goldencolorado #idahosprings #idahospringscolorado #baddate #thebarissolow #colorado

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