She Went Out For Sushi With A Guy, And After They Hooked Up, He Said He Had To Go Grab Something From His Car But He Never Returned

abelena - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’ve been in the dating world for a while, you’ve most likely stumbled across a “serial dater” at some point. A serial dater is someone who goes on one date after another with multiple people and exits their lives before anything serious can develop.

They are usually master manipulators, presenting themselves as someone they’re not and leading their dates on.

TikToker Heather Silvis (@doctor_swageyes) is warning women about a guy she calls the Bumble Bandit. He lies to women to gain sympathy and makes them feel special in order to sleep with them.

So she met a guy named Jordan on Bumble, and they were smitten with each other from the start. He was a celebrity bodyguard, worked for Disney, and was in a punk rock band.

On the day of their initial date, he sent her a text message saying he was on his way to see her. But a short while later, he texted again to let her know he had been in a car accident. He also sent her a photo of him getting his car fixed.

What caught her eye was that the picture had been taken two weeks prior. So she accused him of lying, and they argued back and forth for a bit.

Then, he admitted that he suffered from extreme anxiety, and when he was on his way to see her, he had a panic attack. He asked if she would give him another chance.

She decided to drive out to spend the weekend with him. So they met up, went out for sushi, and ended up back at her hotel room, where they hooked up.

Afterward, he said he needed to run out to his car to grab something, but he never returned. She texted him, asking him what happened. He blocked her phone number.

abelena – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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