She’s Not Allowing Her Stepsister To Wear Her Grandma’s Heirloom Necklace On Her Wedding Day Since She Knows Her Grandma Would Not Have Been Ok With This Happening

Dmitry Tsvetkov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old girl has a 30-year-old stepsister named Lori, and Lori is the daughter of her father’s wife. Lori is going to be getting married in August, so her wedding is about a month away.

Now, several years back, her grandma passed away, and she inherited her grandma’s extensive and incredible jewelry collection.

She did have to divide her grandma’s heirloom jewelry with her only female cousin, but she then shared a very special piece with her cousin.

“I was given a necklace containing a stone that my grandmother wore on her wedding day, which I wore on mine, and which I leant to my cousin to wear on her wedding day, at her grandfather’s behest,” she explained.

“Recently, my dad contacted me and asked if I would lend the necklace to Lori for her wedding day. For background, my dad has been low contact with my grandparents for years, and when my grandmother died, he had a huge argument with my grandfather over Lori and her mother not being given anything.”

She’s pretty certain her grandma would not have wanted Lori to wear this special necklace, and she decided not to answer her dad right away.

Instead, she reached out to her grandpa, who is still alive, to ask him what he thought about the whole situation.

Her grandpa was vehemently opposed to Lori wearing this necklace, and he stated that her grandma would never have wanted this.

Her grandpa also mentioned that he didn’t want Lori to wear it, but he reminded her that she was the rightful owner of the necklace now, so she was the only one who got to decide what to do with it.

Dmitry Tsvetkov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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