She’s Refusing To Attend Her Best Friend’s Wedding After Being Dropped As A Bridesmaid Due To Her Size

Mikhaylovskiy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Ever since she was just 13 years old, this 25-year-old woman has had a best friend named Jane, who is now 27.

They first hit it off because their moms were super close. Then, even after their parents slowly drifted apart, she and Jane remained best friends for years.

She also claimed that she has always been “big-boned.” So, ever since she was a kid, she took on the role of the “funny friend,” who was always lightening the mood with her positivity and humor.

“And truthfully, none of my friends ever commented on my weight, even Jane,” she recalled.

Instead, Jane would always make sure that she felt comfortable without ever directly referencing or pointing out her body. So, she really appreciated that– especially during her insecure teenage years.

Now that she is older, she has also learned to love herself as she is and has gotten very comfortable in her own body.

But Jane is set to get married soon, and it became clear to her that her friend might not be as supportive as she once seemed.

For context, she and Jane have talked about their hypothetical weddings ever since they were teens. They would make Pinterest boards and discuss being each other’s bridesmaids.

According to her, they even did this up until their early twenties.

Mikhaylovskiy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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