She’s Sharing One of Her Favorite Stories About A Bad First Date She Witnessed While At Work

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When it comes to bad first dates, bartenders have seen it all. They’re always watching, listening, and being silently entertained by date night disasters.

TikToker Rosemary (@rosemarygee) is a bartender, and she’s sharing one of her favorite stories about a first date she witnessed while at work.

So the guy arrived at the bar first. His name was Brad, and he was super nice and excited about his date. But when the girl showed up, it became clear that true love would not be found that night.

For one, her voice was extremely shrill. He was sitting alone at the bar, and when she walked in, she asked if he was Brad, even though he was the only person there.

Meanwhile, a couple of other people filtered in, and Rosemary turned her attention to serving them. But after a while, some people told her to listen in on the conversation that was happening between Brad and his date.

Rosemary headed over in their direction and started chatting with them. At one point, the girl mentioned how much she loved this show called The First 48, which was about homicide detectives racing against the clock to find a lead within the first 48 hours of a murder.

She was confused about why they had to rush to solve crimes in 48 hours, thinking that the speed with which the detectives solved the cases would reduce the quality of their investigations.

Rosemary pointed out that when a person goes missing, the chances of solving the crime go down significantly after 48 hours. However, the girl didn’t think Rosemary’s statement was accurate.

Then, things got weird. The girl asked Brad where he was from, and he told her he was from Scottsdale. She immediately started swooning over how far he had driven for her and bombarded him with questions about how much he liked her and the photos she had posted online.

peacefoo – – illustrative purposes only

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