She’s Talking About How She Speeds Up The Manifesting Process, Through Believing In Herself And Being Grateful For What She Already Has

For example, they’ll get promotions at work after a certain number of years or become smarter because they’re growing older. What you need to do is match your dreams now by adjusting yourself accordingly.

“When I say be a match for, say, the millionaire version of yourself, a lot of people are gonna drink water out of a wine glass, they’re gonna start dressing a little nicer; they’re probably gonna pick up their apartment. They’re doing the small things,” said Dev.

She further elaborates by saying she got to where she is today because she stopped playing it safe. She stepped outside of her comfort zone and did the things she thought the millionaire version of herself would be doing.

“Take my move to New York City, for example. I didn’t just look at Pinterest pictures of apartments that I would want. That’s what most people would do, and that’s playing small. I called the realtor before I was ready,” she said.

Everyone is manifesting, but the level of action you’re taking is what really matters.


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