The Guy She Was On A Date With Kept Trying To Persuade Her To Go Home With Him, Using The Excuse That He Had Paid For Her Meal

Kzenon - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

A lot of men see dating as a transaction. They believe that paying for dinner entitles them to demand whatever they want from a woman. This is why many women choose to pay for their own meals to avoid situations where a man tries to coerce them into doing something they don’t want to do.

Just because your date pays for your food doesn’t mean you owe them anything. Your safety should be your number one priority when on a date.

So when your date is insisting that you should come back to their house to the point where it’s making you feel uneasy, it’s completely acceptable to establish your boundaries.

TikTok creator @meggrogers is sharing an eleven-second snippet from the worst date she’s ever experienced. The guy she was on a date with kept trying to persuade her to go home with him, using the excuse that he had paid for her meal.

In the video, they appeared to be out at a restaurant for dinner. She had written in the text overlay of the video: “Went on a date with this guy, and he wouldn’t let me go home.”

The clip started off with him stating that since he bought her dinner, the least she could do was agree to go back to his place to watch one movie.

He interrupted her as she tried to decline his offer, informing her that his roommates would be gone for the weekend.

It was obvious that she was uncomfortable with his persistence. The clip ended with her stammering out that it was getting late and him replying that he could just drive her home after hanging out at his place.

Several TikTok users revealed that they had experienced similar situations and emphasized safety first before anything else.

Kzenon – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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