A Guy That She Was Dating Told Her That Her Mom Had A Better Chest Than Her

olly - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Some people are just plain rude, and it’s amazing how they actually have the guts to say what they say, especially when it’s regarding your parents.

Have you ever had an experience where your date saw a picture of your mother or met her in person and wound up finding her more attractive than you?

There’s nothing more traumatizing than witnessing someone your age hit on your mother or compliment a certain body part of hers.

TikToker @trashgrandpa is describing an interesting interaction she had with a guy who made a comment about her mother’s chest after letting his intrusive thoughts win.

Everybody has weird or bizarre thoughts that pop up in their heads every so often, but most people have the good grace not to voice them out loud. Unfortunately, this guy could not refrain from letting his opinion be known.

At the time that this happened, she had been attending a school in Missouri. College always comes with a lot of interesting stories, particularly accounts of bad dating experiences.

So she had been chatting with a guy she had met at a fraternity house during homecoming week. They were still in the talking stages of dating, so things had not gotten very serious between them yet.

At one point, her parents came to visit her at school, and they went out to dinner. She sent him a quick video of her parents at dinner, and his response to the video shocked her to her very core because of how disrespectful and inappropriate it was.

He told her that her mother had a better chest than her! I think it’s safe to say that any sparks they had between them died instantly once that remark was uttered. Hopefully, that was the last time she ever spoke to him!

olly – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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