A Guy Went Through Her Phone On Their First Date, And Started Crying Over Her Texting Other Guys

Pattarisara - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re someone who has been single for a while, you probably have gone on plenty of dates, which means that you have at least a dozen bad date stories filed away.

Sometimes, people just don’t hit it off during a first date. They part ways amicably and move on to meeting someone new.

But there are other dates that are just straight-up disasters, ones that you’ll tell your friends and future dates all about.

Sharing bad date stories is definitely a great icebreaker for a first date, but that conversation topic only works if you’re not currently on the worst date of your life.

If you’re feeling some type of way about your spotty dating history, you’re in good company. TikToker Mike (@the_mike_sky) interviews girls about their bad dating experiences, and one girl has quite a story about her worst date ever.

So she had gone on a first date with a guy, and at the time, they were both 20-years-old. At one point, she went to use the bathroom and left her phone on the table, not thinking much of it.

However, when she returned, she discovered that her date had gone through her phone.

He asked her why she was texting so many other guys, and then he started crying! Of course, she never talked to him again after that.

It’s hard to determine the right thing to do in that particular situation. Are you supposed to comfort and reassure him by awkwardly patting his back?

Pattarisara – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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