He Planned A Date With A Girl Who Ghosted Him Right Before They Were Supposed To Meet, And Now She’s Popped Up Into His Life Again, So He’s Wondering If She Deserves Another Chance

milosljubicic - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old guy matched with a 27-year-old girl on a dating app a couple of weeks back. He did get her phone number and began texting her.

From there, he planned a date with her and organized an exact time, but 2 days before they were supposed to meet, she completely ghosted him.

The morning of their date, he once again reached out to her, wondering if she was going to meet up with him that night.

She never replied to him at all, though. So, he just moved on with his life, and several days after the ghosting incident, he unmatched her on the app where they had met.

But recently, he noticed she has created a brand new account on the dating app, and then she sent him a message that just contained 2 different emojis.

One of the emojis was the smiling face with teeth, and the other was the emoji with hearts around the face.

That’s all she said to him in the message, and he’s conflicted about whether or not he should give this ghosting girl a second chance.

“Normally, I’d just hit the X, but I do find her very attractive,” he explained. “She also has a good-paying job, her own house, and looks like she takes good care of herself.”

“All green flags for me, and it just feels tough to find a woman with all that going for her nowadays. However, she has my number and could easily text me, so this is just very odd.”

milosljubicic – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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