After Getting Divorced, His Ex-Wife Burnt His House Down, And He Moved Far Away From His Kids, But Now That He’s Dying, He’s Questioning Whether He Did The Right Thing

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When this man was younger, he got married to the “wrong” woman.

“My ex is internally a very angry person and wanted to be very controlling, usually in varying dramatic ways, and eventually, years of this caused our divorce,” he said.

But, while they were still together, he and his ex had three sons. His eldest was just 9-years-old at the time they split up, and his ex took all of the kids to her parent’s house.

He had actually built the home himself about 10 years before that, and it was just a 20-minute drive from his own property.

Then, not long afterward, his ex-wife actually burned his house down while he was at work!

Thankfully, no one was injured. He also claimed to have no solid proof that it was his ex-wife’s doing, so nothing came of the tragedy.

“The fire was suspicious, but it was in the days before doorbell cameras,” he recalled.

“I think she just lit a massive fire in the fireplace.”

Anyway, after his house burned down, he just left. Back then, he had a job that was extremely specialized and in demand in basically every city. So, he traveled to Toronto, Canada, to work and save up money for about one year.

TheCreativeBrigade – illustrative purposes only

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