By As Early As Next Year, You Could Book A Michelin Star Meal In Space For Around $131,100

Eugenia - illustrative purposes only

How would you feel about sitting down for a meal and being floated up to the edge of space?

That’s the experience guests who choose to dine on the luxury air balloon from French company Zephalto will have.

Potentially, by next year, guests who book an early reservation can enjoy a gourmet meal and wine tasting inside an advanced, pressurized capsule attached to an air balloon fit to enter the stratosphere named Céleste. It is promised to be a unique and transformative experience founded by former air traffic controller Vincent Farret d’Astiès.

As of right now, guests can pre-book a trip on the Céleste starting with a ticket that costs around $10,900 before officially choosing their seats, making the final cost of the experience around $131,100.

The capsule is said to carry six passengers and two pilots at a time and can reach its highest altitude within 90 minutes. Then, guests will spend three hours in the air with an incredible view to enjoy multiple courses of Michelin star food and an elaborate wine tasting before descending back down to Earth.

Currently, guests can book trips out of France’s spaceport, but Zephalto has plans to eventually make this trip available out of one spaceport on every continent.

Although the Céleste won’t actually be entering space, it will be getting just about as close as one can get to space without being an astronaut, as it travels much higher than your average airplane.

The capsule is said to have a carbon structure that makes it suitable for handling entering the stratosphere while giving passengers a luxurious and gentle experience inside. There are three separate “cocoon” rooms for two guests to relax in at once.

While the views of Earth and the stars will most likely be the best part of riding on the Céleste, the food will be of top-tier quality, designed and prepared by French chefs. The wine tasting, which occurs during flight, will include wines from various regions of France that have been carefully selected by a sommelier.

Eugenia – illustrative purposes only

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