Cacti Are The Perfect Houseplants If You’re Always On The Go, But They Do Need To Be Repotted Every So Often, And Here’s How You Can Do This

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Cacti are very resilient and low-maintenance, making them wonderful houseplants for people who are always on the go. It’s effortless to decorate your home with them, and they provide the feel of the desert right in your home.

But as undemanding as cacti are, they still require a little extra care once in a while. Although it is rare, a cactus plant may need to be transplanted into a new pot after it has grown too large for its space.

Cacti grow very slowly, so the typical cactus plant only needs to be repotted every three to four years.

If you’ve never repotted a cactus before, you might feel discouraged from doing so because of the plant’s sharp spines. After all, they look like they could create some serious damage.

But there are ways to accomplish it safely and avoid getting poked. Here’s how to repot a cactus without hurting yourself or the plant.

No matter how big your cactus is, you should always wear gloves when handling it. Wear a pair made of thick, protective material, such as canvas or leather so that the needles won’t pierce the fabric.

Once your gloves are on, it’s time to remove the cactus from its old pot. First, loosen the soil around the edge of the pot with a small trowel or dull knife.

Then, you’ll need to lift the cactus out of the pot. You can wrap several layers of newspaper or a towel around it to make it easier to grab.

Alternatively, tongs will also work, but just make sure the utensil is made of silicone rather than metal to avoid causing any harm to the plant.

ID 182261593 – © Brizmaker – – illustrative purposes only

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