From Wilting to Winning: How To Help Your Garden Thrive During A Heatwave

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With the arrival of August, it’s that time of year again: temperatures are soaring, we are sweating, and our plants are feeling the heat.

Heatwaves can present unique challenges to gardeners who are simply trying to keep their plants alive. But, with these tried-and-true tips, your garden can actually thrive– even under the blazing sun.

Water Wisely

The most obvious idea to deal with a heatwave wreaking havoc on your plants is probably to just water your garden. However, watering properly is more than just turning on the hose and letting it rip.

Early birds get the worm in this situation, which is why watering your garden early in the morning is key. This can promote absorption since evaporation is minimized until mid-day.

Watering deeper is also better than watering more frequently. We want to ensure that the roots are nourished, not just flood the surface.

Plus, watering deeply encourages roots to grow down, where the soil stays cooler. So, be sure to avoid shallow, frequent watering. And steer clear of watering leaves since they can get scorched in the hot sun.

Mulch To The Rescue

If you’re down to get dirty with some mulch, it can be a real game-changer. Mulch helps lock in moisture, which ultimately enhances absorption and mitigates evaporation.

MaskaRad – illustrative purposes only

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