He Adopted A Kitten From His Coworker, But Now His Coworker Wants The Kitten Back Even Though His Kids Already Fell In Love With Their New Pet

FurryFritz - illustrative purposes only, not the actual kitten

This man used to have a female coworker who discovered a tiny stray kitten at work and wound up taking the cat home.

Apparently, his coworker intended to keep the feline, but unfortunately, his coworker’s other animals did not get along with the kitten, and she was forced to make a tough decision.

So, about one month ago, his coworker posted in their employee group on Facebook and offered up the kitten to anyone who would be able to give the pet a good home.

“And I responded that I could take the kitten once I closed on my new house,” he recalled.

Just last week, he also purchased everything he would need for his new pet– including a cat tree, a cat box, litter, and a ton of toys. Then, he picked up the kitten from his former coworker’s house yesterday.

“She was teary-eyed when we loaded the kitten into my car and asked me to send her lots of pictures and videos,” he explained.

Anyway, once he arrived home with the kitten, his kids immediately fell in love with the cat. They were playing with the kitten for a few hours straight just last night.

Yet, at around 2:00 a.m., he received a shocking text message from his coworker. Apparently, she wanted to know if he would give the cat back!

His coworker admitted that she didn’t realize how much she would truly miss the kitten.

FurryFritz – illustrative purposes only, not the actual kitten

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