He And His Wife Excluded His Sister-In-Law From Their Wedding Photos Because She Was Wearing An N-95 Mask And They Didn’t Want Her To “Ruin” The Pictures

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This man and his wife just tied the knot last weekend. But, his wife’s older sister– Ashley– was apparently very concerned about COVID-19 while attending the wedding.

So, his sister-in-law initially “demanded” that he and his wife check to see if all of the guests had gotten vaccinated, as well as an updated shot. Afterward, Ashley wanted him and his wife to conduct rapid tests for every wedding guest at the door to the venue.

“But we told her that we are not doing that,” he recalled.

Instead, they told his sister-in-law that if she was worried about catching COVID-19, then she could just attend the wedding virtually.

However, Ashley decided to go to the event anyway and wound up wearing an N-95 mask.

Now, he didn’t think that was a big deal. But, when it came time for their staged wedding photos to be taken with the whole family, he and his wife did not want Ashley to be included.

“We did not want to have it spoiled with her in the face mask,” he explained.

So, he and his wife asked if Ashley could just take off the mask for the pictures, and she reportedly flipped out. According to him, his sister-in-law caused a “big scene” and claimed that taking the mask off would completely defeat the entire purpose.

Afterward, he and his wife decided to just exclude Ashey from the photographs because, in the future, they wanted to look back at the momentous and “see smiling faces.”

motionshooter – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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