He Cut His Brother Out of His Life After He Sold A Beloved Sculpture He Made For His Wife For $15,000

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Have you ever seen someone in your family put so much effort into supporting others only to get nothing in return?

One man recently decided to cut off his brother after he sold the beloved sculpture he had made for his wife.

His brother is a fairly well-known artist where they live. While he has some issues with his brother due to their complicated history, his wife has always admired and supported him. 

A while back, before he had a reputation as an artist, his brother made a sculpture for his wife, and she’s cherished it ever since.

“She would show everyone his sculpture he made for her, and people would buy from him,” he explained.

“Her sculpture is one of the very first ones he made after he got out of rehab for the millionth time.”

A month ago, his brother was at their house and noticed the sculpture was still on display. He then told them he was embarrassed by it, as it wasn’t nearly as good as the work he was doing today. Then, his brother asked his wife if he could take it and rework it to make some improvements.

Because his wife was trusting of his brother, she kindly told him yes, even though she already loved the statue the way it was.

However, his brother would go on to betray her. They were unaware that his brother had gotten into trouble with some people and was in debt, so he ended up selling the sculpture and never made his wife a new one.

4595886 – illustrative purposes only

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