He Didn’t Want To Share His Dinner With His Wife, Even Though She Hadn’t Eaten And Had Watched Their Kids All Day

mstaniewski - illustrative purposes only

This man is currently married, and just yesterday, he got really annoyed with his wife over one specific meal: dinner.

According to him, his wife didn’t work at all yesterday and just “hung out” with the kids all day. He, on the other hand, went to work, got home at about 5:30 p.m., and went to a jujitsu class afterward.

“Dinner was not discussed, but since I was getting home at 8:30 p.m., I assumed I was on my own for dinner,” he recalled.

Anyway, he wound up getting home exhausted and totally starving. He had also been looking forward to his personal dinner all day.

He planned to have “poor man’s sushi,” which is just canned tuna and rice wrapped in seaweed. Apparently, he writes down everything that he eats every day in a food log, and he had planned out this dinner far in advance.

He also had the exact amount of rice he needed, and only two sheets of seaweed left. So, once he got home and realized his wife was giving the kids a bath, he got to work making his sushi.

“I had the entire thing written down, and I was ready to feast,” he explained.

“I was giddy with excitement sitting down at the table.”

But then, all of a sudden, his wife emerged from the bathroom, walked into the kitchen, and asked if she could have half of his food. Apparently, she and the kids went out for a late lunch, so she hadn’t eaten all night.

mstaniewski – illustrative purposes only

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