He Didn’t Want To Share His Dinner With His Wife, Even Though She Hadn’t Eaten And Had Watched Their Kids All Day

Now, he admitted to pausing and obviously being unhappy with the idea of splitting his food. While he didn’t want to share his dinner, though, he realized that “hogging down” the entire meal would also be selfish.

Still, his wife noticed that he paused and said it was fine. She claimed she would just figure out something else to eat on her own, but he knew that her tone implied it really wasn’t “fine.”

That’s why he backtracked and told his wife that they could just split the meal. He also handed over half of his sushi and tried to explain his perspective on the situation.

But it didn’t really seem like his wife cared that much. She was just annoyed that he felt the need to pause in the first place. So, he only ended up eating half of his dinner and was still really hungry.

“And I can’t imagine asking for half of someone’s food as they are just sitting down to eat, but I also can’t imagine not sharing it,” he vented.

This has left him wondering whether not wanting to share his dinner with his wife was justified or just made him a real jerk.

Do you think his wife was really just “hanging out” with the kids all day or also working hard by caring for them? If your spouse was watching your children and didn’t get to eat, would you be willing to share your food? Or do you understand why he was annoyed?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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