He Had A Creepy Experience With A Cloaked Being One Night After Moving To A Small Town When He Got Out of The Army

Eric Wilson - illustrative purposes only

After experiencing something traumatic, it’s common for people to begin seeing terrible things on a normal day.

One veteran had an unmatched paranormal experience after moving to a small town after a few years of serving overseas.

He served in the Army and was deployed in Afghanistan for a while. It was a challenging time in his life, and he had to put a lot of effort into readjusting to normal life when he left Afghanistan and moved to a small Pennsylvania town with his ex-wife.

It was not a particularly safe town, as it used to be built around a prominent steel company. When that company went out of business, unemployment rates went up, as well as crime and “general lawlessness.”

To make matters worse, he and his ex-wife, whom he was still married to at the time, were not handling things well and argued often. Needless to say, it wasn’t the best place for a veteran to adjust to life after service, but the rent was cheap.

He would often take long walks around the neighborhood to avoid confrontation with his wife and clear his head.

One day, on one of his longer walks, he saw something that shook him to his core.

“I made my escape and headed out into the poorly lit streets for at least three hours,” he explained.

“After completing my 6th circuit, I decided that things had probably calmed down enough for me to try and get some sleep, as by this point, it was already 4:00 AM, and I was extremely tired and sore. As I turned the corner that led to my block’s stretch of sidewalk, I suddenly saw a dark figure appear right outside the chain link fence that surrounded my small front yard.”

Eric Wilson – illustrative purposes only

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