He Keeps Running Out of Patience With His Girlfriend, Who Is Nine Months Pregnant, But She Also Feels Like He’s Driving Her Insane

ID 94455382 - © Chupacabra47 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 28-year-old man’s girlfriend, who is 26, is currently nine months pregnant and will be delivering their baby any day now.

But, while he realizes that his girlfriend’s pregnancy has been difficult, he believes that she’s been treating him like garbage.

For starters, he decided to purchase a small house for their growing family to live in. However, the home was a total fixer-upper, meaning that it took the length of his girlfriend’s entire pregnancy to finish it.

And while she did help out a lot in terms of finances, his girlfriend reportedly keeps crying since she “ran out of money.” She also claimed that he bought the home without even asking her opinion on the decision first.

“But I’ve been paying the contractor and for the mortgage, while she’s been paying for all the utilities, things that need to be fixed, appliances, carpets, etc.,” he explained.

“So, I think we’re pretty even.”

Still, they’re having more disagreements about other issues aside from their financial investment in the property.

When it came time to move into the house, the process was pretty rough– mainly because his girlfriend felt like he didn’t get rid of enough of his belongings to make room for their baby.

However, he claimed to have certain collections and hobbies that he just refused to get rid of under any circumstances.

ID 94455382 – © Chupacabra47 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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