He Kicked His Nephew Out Of The Car And Refused To Drive Him To Volleyball Since The Teen Smelled So Bad

Andrey_Arkusha - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his wife currently play drop-in volleyball every Thursday night, and his sister-in-law decided to sign up his nephew, who is 15-years-old, to play with them each week.

That’s why he and his wife have picked up his nephew a handful of times to bring him to the games.

But, there is one major issue with this arrangement. According to him, his nephew smells absolutely horrible.

“My nephew washes his clothes and leaves them for days before putting them in the dryer…and if you know that smell, it’s horrid,” he said.

His nephew smelling bad has been a problem for years, too, and he has tried to tell his nephew how bad it was on various occasions.

He even pointed out the reasons why his nephew had such a bad odor and tried to offer some possible solutions.

Yet, when he and his wife picked his nephew up for volleyball again two weeks ago, the teen still smelled just as bad as usual.

“And I warned him that the next time we pick him up if he smells again, I won’t be taking him with us,” he recalled.

Well, spoiler alert: the same thing happened just last week. Rather than letting it slide, he stuck to his word, too.

Andrey_Arkusha – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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