He Literally Put A Lock On His Bathroom Door So His Wife Can No Longer Use It

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This 31-year-old guy and his 25-year-old wife purchased a house together half a year ago, and after they moved in, it marked their first time living under the same roof.

Their home is quite old and has been remodeled a number of times. Due to this, the layout is a bit ridiculous, and there are two bathrooms adjacent to one another that share a wall.

“When we pulled the trigger on buying it, we made an agreement that I’d take the bathroom on the left with the shower, and she’d take the bathroom on the right with a bathtub,” he explained.

“Hers is much more spacious than mine. I soon learned, though, that my wife preferred to use my bathroom, but only to [go number two].”

She’ll use her own bathroom to do everything else, like her makeup, but she will exclusively use his toilet when she needs to make a stink.

This normally would not bother him, except that she leaves a complete mess behind, and it’s disgusting for him to deal with.

He tried to ask his wife why she insisted on using his bathroom instead of hers, and she just said she liked it better.

“Then I asked if she could at least sit back a bit more,” he said. “She said it was none of my concern how she sat on the toilet. I offered to change bathrooms with her, to which she said no thanks. ”

“Then I asked her to stop using it, and she said it was her house too, so she should be allowed to go wherever she wants.”

Pixel-Shot – – illustrative purposes only

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