He Made His Obese Sister-In-Law Cry At A Restaurant When He Explained To Her Why He’s Not Actually Fat

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This man used to be overweight, but several years ago, he started exercising and changed his eating habits, and he lost over 100 pounds.

Sometimes, he does still like to have snacks and sweets, and he struggled with some disordered behaviors in the past, but now he feels like he has his eating under control.

His whole family went to a restaurant a while ago to celebrate a family member’s birthday.

The restaurant offered a burger challenge that was $40 but was free if the person finished the food in an hour. The amount of food, which included sides, was about five pounds in total.

He decided to do the burger challenge and was able to eat all the food with ease.

“I felt I had been quite good with my nutrition for some time, and I’m not particularly looking to cut more fat right now. Even ordered dessert after, mostly for comedic effect, but still,” he said.

As he was eating all this food, his sister-in-law was giving him repulsed looks. He noted that his sister-in-law is “quite obese.”

“While I enjoyed my dessert, my brother said something like, ‘I can’t believe you finished all that and are still eating’ (with a smile, in a sort of impressed way), to which my sister-in-law said, ‘Yeah, I wish I could eat like that, but my genetics won’t let me.’ I put down the fork and said, ‘I can eat like this sometimes because 95% of the time I don’t, while you have small indulgences every day, which piles up. Has nothing to do with genetics; it’s your choices,'” he shared.

After he said this, his sister-in-law was silent, and he saw that her eyes were welling up with tears. He started to feel a bit guilty for making her cry.

ID 73341440 – © Natashaphoto – – illustrative purposes only

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