He Told His Sister-In-Law That If She Wanted Her Little Girl To Have An Older Sibling, She Shouldn’t Have Married His Brother, Who Is Nothing But A Deadbeat Dad

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If you’re a teenager who has to watch one of your parents go off, remarry, and have more kids, that can be really tough.

One man has been helping care for his brother’s son since his mom died. Now that his brother has remarried and welcomed a new baby, he had to tell his new sister-in-law that his nephew wanted nothing to do with their family.

His brother has an 18-year-old son named Jax, who he had with his late wife. When Jax was five, his mom died, and his brother sent him off to live with his maternal parents. Although his brother dropped out of Jax’s life, he stayed in touch with him and helped Jax’s grandparents raise him.

“I have made an effort to be a big part of his life,” he said.

“I see him as much as possible. He has spent the night at my house several times. He’s my nephew, and I was never going to abandon him the way my brother did.”

Three years ago, his brother remarried, and he now has a two-month-old daughter with his new wife.

When she first found out she was pregnant, his new sister-in-law reached out to him and asked that he give her Jax’s contact information so she could let him know he was going to be a big brother and suddenly invite him back into his father’s life.

What his sister-in-law didn’t know was that he had already updated Jax on everything, including her marriage to his brother and her pregnancy, and Jax expressed that he didn’t want to meet them or get involved in their lives.

“He’s not interested,” he explained.

ID 161176131 – © Alena Ozerova – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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