He Upgraded His Seat To First Class While His Wife Was Stuck In Economy Dealing With Their Three Young Children By Herself

ID 139316316 - © Sergey Novikov - - illustrative purposes only

This 38-year-old man, his 39-year-old wife, and their three young children are on a vacation together right now.

They booked their vacation flights through an airline where he is part of a loyalty club. So, what this means, is that he receives a lot of amazing perks for being in the loyalty club.

He gets food, a lounge to hang out in at airports, and points. He does travel a lot, and so he has a ton of points with this airline.

“Given I don’t want to dish out 10 grand on a flight ticket, we all are traveling economy,” he explained about the vacation flights he booked for him and his entire family.

“However, about 20-25 minutes before boarding began, they called my tier of the loyalty club. Turns out they have a couple of vacant first class seats that they can “upgrade” loyalty to. It would cost $500.”

“This is a pretty good deal, given it’s a long overnight flight. Luckily I could also use some points, so I only paid about $150 for what is a massively better flight experience.”

He ended up getting himself a new ticket so he could sit in first class. As soon as he informed his wife that he only upgraded himself, she was super upset.

She didn’t blow up on him in public, but he could obviously tell that she was not thrilled with his selfish decision.

His wife then pointed out that it was rude of him not to ask her before booking himself a new seat on the plane.

ID 139316316 – © Sergey Novikov – – illustrative purposes only

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