He Upset His Wife After He Told Her To Stop Trying To Win His Mom’s Affection Because She’ll Never Love Her

Look! - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you have a family member who seems to barely get along with anyone they meet?

One man recently upset his wife after he told her she should stop trying to win his mom’s affection because she’ll never love her.

He’s been married to his wife for two years. Unfortunately, she’s had a hard time coming to terms with his mom, who’s been a cold, quiet woman for years.

“The best way I can explain my mom is that she is tired,” he said.

“She had a really hard life [and] doesn’t have much affection left to give, and she rarely gets close to anyone. It’s pure disinterest, and she can’t bring herself to care about new people. She’s a retired old lady that just wants to sit on the porch, not make small talk with people.”

He’s made sure to explain this to his wife several times, but his wife keeps trying to get his mom to open up to her.

A few days ago, his mom hosted a family gathering at her house. She likes to cook all day, make sure her guests are fed and happy, and then sit out on the porch for some quiet time to herself. Most people in the family know this, and other than joining his mom for a little small talk on the porch, they leave her alone.

His wife broke one of his mom’s golden rules when she showed up to the party with potato salad. His mom can’t stand it when other people bring food to her gatherings, as she likes to feed everybody. He literally had to stop his wife from bringing her food inside the house.

Then, his wife started talking to his mom while she was on the porch, despite his mom being clearly uninterested.

Look! – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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