He Wants To Tell His Mom That His Terminally Ill Dad Can’t Live With Him And Has To Go Back To Living With Her

Omar - illustrative purposes only

Two years ago, this man’s dad was sadly diagnosed with brain cancer, and it is terminal. The progression of his dad’s cancer happened quite slowly.

He has been able to spend more time with his dad than he anticipated, but the end is quickly approaching.

At first, he and his mom discussed sending his dad to a care home or allowing him to continue living in one of their homes.

Back then, his mom wanted his dad to live in a care home since he would have round-the-clock care.

“But now that he’s on a feeding tube and fully dependent, they won’t accept him any longer (we’ve learned A LOT about how messed up long-term care is through this experience),” he explained.

“My mother now wants him to stay in our house rather than hers, while she comes over to care for him. Here’s where things get complicated.”

“My wife is now pregnant with our first child, which obviously adds a lot of stress as is. But also, when we first talked about him being home, he was still relatively healthy; he could eat on his own, still talked, and could move around a bit.”

He’s very concerned that his mom is angling to get him and his wife to provide 24-hour care to his dad, and he suspects this is due to a few comments his mom has made recently.

She has said things to him, like he can take multiple breaks every day to help her care for her dad. She has also said that she will feel relieved to have his dad living with capable adults.

Omar – illustrative purposes only

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