Her Beef And Tortellini Dinner Recipe Takes Only 30 Minutes To Make, And Is A Great Idea For Busy Weeknights

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Busy weeknights call for easy dinners that can be placed on the table in a flash. Everybody has those days when dinner is just not a top priority.

But instead of scraping together a not-very-nourishing meal of chips, popcorn, and whatever else you can find in your pantry, set your sights on a nutritious but quick dinner of beef and tortellini.

TikToker Brooke (@mealsandmunchies) is sharing a beef and tortellini dinner recipe that you only need five ingredients and thirty minutes to make.

The flavorful ground beef, tender tortellini, and melted mozzarella complement each other like nothing else, appealing to people in all age groups.

Start by heating up lean ground beef or ground turkey in a large skillet. Break up the meat and let it cook until it’s no longer pink. Meanwhile, boil a pot of water to cook a package of tortellini in.

Next, shred some mozzarella cheese in a small bowl. Go back to the ground beef and season it with salt, pepper, Italian seasoning, and a bit of crushed red chili flakes.

Drain the meat with a paper towel, then add a jar of marinara sauce into the skillet with the beef, followed by a block of cream cheese.

If you don’t want to add cream cheese, Alfredo sauce works as a great alternative!

Once everything is combined well, add in the cooked tortellini and top it with your shredded mozzarella cheese.

conzorb – illustrative purposes only

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