Her Best Friend Asked Her To Be Her Maid of Honor, But Then She Sprung It On Her That She’s Having A Destination Wedding, And She Can’t Afford To Attend, So She Wants To Stay Home Now

Yevhenii - illustrative purposes only

This 25-year-old woman and her best friend, also 25, met during their first year of college.

Her best friend transferred to a different school, but they stayed in contact and visited each other once or twice a year even though they lived really far away from one another. Even though they didn’t see each other often, it always felt like no time had passed.

Eight months ago, she matched with a man on a dating app who happened to be mutual friends with her best friend.

When she inquired about him, her best friend said that she’d met him at an after-school club and had gone to prom with him (but she didn’t go to the same school as he did).

Her best friend told her that he was a really nice guy and that she should definitely go out with him. So, she had a phone call with him before going on a date, and they had an amazing conversation.

When she updated her friend about how well things went with him, she made sure it was okay that she continued to pursue things with him, and her friend said she was thrilled for her.

After struggling with PTSD for the last couple of years, her friends said she was so glad to see her happy again.

At the time, her best friend knew that she was going to be getting engaged soon, and her friend invited her along to look at engagement rings to figure out which styles she liked best.

“Another day during her visit, she casually asked me to be her maid of honor,” she explained. “It took me by surprise as I always felt that her other friends were a lot closer to her since they talked all the time because I hadn’t been around for the past few years with everything going on.”

Yevhenii – illustrative purposes only

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