Her Boyfriend Proposed To Her On A Camping Trip In The Dark, And She’s Still So Disappointed

“There was no bottle of champagne, no alone time with my partner or romantic walks around the lake, no reminiscing about our relationship and our future goals,” she continued.

“Just went right back to catching up with old friends sleeping in a makeshift tent in the dirt (I’m not a fan of camping, being dirty, or the heat).”

Later, she and her partner asked their friends why they hadn’t taken any photos of the proposal as her partner had originally planned. Their friends responded by saying that they’d forgotten about the proposal entirely.

“The next day, I even tried to set up photos and staged the background, and our friends said, ‘Oh, great idea! Let’s take photos!’ and they proceeded to take photos of THEMSELVES in the area I staged,” she continued.

“Didn’t offer to take photos of us. One friend got so drunk he would interject EVERY story to take my fiancé’s attention away from me.”

“He also made multiple inappropriate comments, including grabbing my partner’s arm to snicker and say, ‘You’re going to be so rich!’. I make a lot more money than my partner, so you can understand the implication of his statement.”

After the trip and her proposal, she was in yet another hotel room at 3 a.m., getting ready for her next set of night shifts.

Over the course of three days, she’d slept only eight hours and hadn’t spent quality time with her new fiancé.

The entire trip, she was either trying not to cry or vying for her fiancé’s attention because their friends wouldn’t leave them alone.

After having to travel both by car and plane to her upcoming night shift, she doesn’t feel like she’s had the time to process how disappointed she is with her fiancé’s proposal.

Sadly, she won’t see her fiancé until a week from now, when she has some days off work. In the meantime, she wants to try to change her perspective so that she can look back on this huge, life-changing event in a more positive way.

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