Her Boyfriend’s Dad Drunkenly Ran Her Over With A Boat, And She’s Considering Ending Their Relationship After Suffering Severe Injuries

CandyRetriever - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old woman has been with her boyfriend, who is 24, for three years. But, following a recent traumatic accident caused by her boyfriend’s father, she’s seriously considering ending their relationship.

It all began on July 2, when she went on vacation at her boyfriend’s lake house, which is about three hours away, with seven of their friends.

One day, they all decided to go tubing and didn’t know that her boyfriend’s father was drunk.

So, she and one of her childhood friends were on the tube when his father made a sharp maneuver– resulting in the tube flying parallel to the tip of the boat. Then, her boyfriend’s father turned the boat and ran them both over.

Both she and her childhood friend were severely injured. The propeller actually cut her open in three deep spots. She wound up losing her spleen, suffering significant damage to her kidney, and breaking all of the ribs on her left side.

“I have a broken hip and lower spine, my left arm was broken in multiple spots, and it was unsure if I would keep my arm,” she added.

“By some miracle, I did, and it’s still functional. I also had a nerve severed, and we are unsure how much feeling I will regain in part of my hand.”

Immediately following the accident, her boyfriend’s father also tried to tell the rest of their friends that their injuries were not that serious.

He even claimed that they did not need to call the police, despite her and her childhood friend essentially bleeding out in the back of the boat.

CandyRetriever – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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