Her Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend Still Lives In His Apartment While He Pays All The Bills, And She Thinks It’s Time For Him To Kick This Girl Out

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This 29-year-old woman has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, 32, for a year.

They are currently long-distance due to his job as a truck driver.

However, his ex-girlfriend still lives in his apartment. Because of her boyfriend’s job, he travels most of the time and only stays at his apartment for about four days every two to four months.

While allowing his ex-girlfriend to still live in his apartment, he also pays every bill except the internet bill.

All that he expected of his ex was to keep the apartment clean and to save up money so that she could pay down her current debt and eventually move out on her own.

So far, she hasn’t been fulfilling either of these expectations.

Her boyfriend and his ex also bought a dog together while they’d been in a relationship. They still have the dog, but her boyfriend takes the dog most of the time while he’s driving the truck for work.

“My birthday is coming up, and I booked a trip for myself, him, my best friend, and her boyfriend. I gave my boyfriend five to six months’ warning on this and have already paid for the cabin,” she said.

During her boyfriend’s days off, he was at his apartment, and he asked his ex to take care of the dog for a while so that he’d be able to fly out for her birthday trip.

ID 277232880 – © Aaron Amat – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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