Her Boyfriend’s Work As A Chef Always Infatuates People, And His Interesting Life Makes Her Feel Like She’s Living In His Shadow

She admits that she has lived a normal life. She was never able to afford to travel a ton or go on wild adventures.

“And I work a normal corporate job now to make money for myself and support my immigrant parents and their retirement,” she explained.

“I plan to build a fulfilling life for myself, but it’ll take some time.”

So, until then, she is forced to constantly deal with her boyfriend being the center of attention. It doesn’t matter if they are out at a restaurant or bar, going horseback riding, shopping, or even just picking an item up off Facebook Marketplace.

Somehow, her boyfriend’s occupation always comes up, and people are so intrigued that they even forget to ask her name.

She doesn’t want to just be viewed as “his girlfriend,” either– especially because she never used to see herself that way.

She knows that she is interesting, funny, and smart, but what she brings to the table is never acknowledged in social situations with her boyfriend.

She realizes that, in order to combat this insecurity, she has to create a life of her own and make herself worthy of being talked about. She is trying to do that, too, but it isn’t super easy when her plate is already filled up with responsibilities.

“It’s going to take years before I can even join in on these conversations he has with others,” she said.

“I didn’t get to be a free-living 18-year-old boy running around the world, pursuing whatever career they wanted.”

Still, she hates feeling sad after any interactions with strangers, and she would never ask her boyfriend to stop talking about his work.

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