Her Daughter Stole Lipgloss From The Mall On Her Birthday, And She Forced Her To Return It In Front of All Her Friends

luckybusiness - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has a daughter who just turned 13, and to celebrate her daughter’s birthday, she took her and her friends to a local mall.

She really doesn’t love her daughter’s friends, but that’s beside the point. That day at the mall, her daughter and her daughter’s friends were having a great time.

The girls purchased some makeup and tried on outfits as well. She purchased some clothes for her daughter and her daughter’s friends too, but she didn’t end up buying any of them things that were ridiculously expensive.

“Then I noticed my daughter pocketing a lipgloss,” she explained. “I got really mad (usually I don’t get mad), and I asked her in a pretty loud voice what she was doing.”

“She said nothing, and I made her turn out her pockets, and then I made her return it and apologize. A lot of people in the store were watching, and so were her friends.”

“Luckily, the store people didn’t make it a huge deal, and we left. We went home straight away after that, and after we dropped off her friends, my daughter was really angry with me.”

Her daughter then accused her of destroying her birthday for catching her stealing the lipgloss and making her return it in front of all of her friends.

Her daughter said she wished she had waited to yell at her until they were in private instead of doing it in the store.

Also, her daughter claimed stealing wasn’t that big of a deal, but now her friends are going to tell everyone about what she did, and nobody will like her now.

luckybusiness – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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