Her Estranged Dad Heard That She’s Having A Big Wedding, So He Asked Her To Give $12,000 From Her Wedding Budget To Help Fund Her Stepbrother’s Cancer Treatment

But when she had the fallout with her family, she called her dad a terrible father. Her stepbrothers Hans and John stepped in and stuck up for her dad, saying she was wrong.

She replied to them that they were not really her dad’s children and that she did not consider them her family.

Karen began sobbing when those words left her mouth, and she could tell by her dad’s expression that she had hurt his feelings.

She did feel bad and was about to say sorry to her dad when John punched her in the face. She fell down, and John kept kicking her as she hit the floor.

Hans started to hold John back, but her dad just ran away to see if Karen was alright. Right then and there, she packed up her things and moved in with her uncle.

Then, when she turned 20, she moved in with her boyfriend. Not one time did her dad attempt to reach out to her or try to contact her.

Later on, her cousins revealed to her that her dad went around telling everyone at a reunion that she was pretty much dead to him and Hans and John were his only kids.

She then met her fiancé at 23-years-old, and he just proposed to her. She and her fiancé have been saving up their money for their wedding day, and her uncles on her mom’s side of the family decided to give her more money to honor her mom.

“I wanted to save it, but they told me to have a grand wedding and be the most important person that day which meant a lot after years of my wants being ignored,” she explained.

“The wedding got upgraded by a lot. I invited my grandparents and some cousins from my dad’s side. Suddenly after more than a decade, Dad contacted me. He didn’t ask to be invited or apologize or anything, he just heard I’m doing a big wedding and decided to ask for money.”

“I frankly was disgusted by his audacity and lack of remorse. He asked for $12,000. I told him I’m sorry about John’s condition, but I’m not giving him $12,000 and to not contact me again.”

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