Her Fiancé And Son Have Been Spending More Alone Time Together, But Her Sister’s Angry They’re Not Including Her Niece

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This woman and her sister currently share an apartment, and they are both single parents.

But she recently got engaged and will be tying the knot with her fiancé in the fall. Afterward, they plan to move in together.

That’s why her fiancé has started taking her son out to do fun activities together so they can bond.

Her niece, though, has become pretty jealous of the one-on-one outings. The jealousy even pushed her sister to ask if her fiancé could take her niece when he hung out with her son.

But she thinks it’s super important for her fiancé and son to spend as much alone time together before the wedding as possible. After all, she wants them to feel comfortable with each other before they all move in together.

“I don’t think she should expect to go out with them during their bonding time,” she admitted.

“Once we move in together, there will be a lot of times where they are on their own, so I want to make sure they are comfortable with each other and get along well by themselves.”

However, her sister views the situation differently and claims it is unfair. She also got accused of “taunting” her niece by “dangling” these fun outings in front of the little girl’s face.

Still, she pointed out how it’s not like her fiancé or her son are bragging about their hangouts. The most they ever talk about activities is when they’re answering her niece’s questions about where they’re going or what they’re up to.

pressmaster – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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