Her Friend Invited A Stranger With Them On Vacation To Her Family Beach House, And Her Friend Is Mad That She Finally Said She Wasn’t Happy About It

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This 25-year-old girl’s parents own a house on the beach. She’s planning on taking a vacation there for an entire week, and she invited her 25-year-old friend named Jess and Jess’s 26-year-old boyfriend named Harry.

Their trip is happening in less than two weeks, and earlier today, Jess sent her a text wondering if she could invite her friend Heather along too.

Heather is experiencing a breakup, and Jess figured that inviting Heather to the beach house with them would make her feel less sad.

“The thing is, the place is pretty small, my parents bought it for themselves and so it’s a one-bedroom, and already as three people the place was going to be pretty cramped with Jess and Harry sleeping in the living room,” she explained.

“I told her about this and she said that we can make it work and that Heather can bring her own air mattress and that she won’t take up much room.”

“I told Jess I felt as though this might be awkward as I’ve never met Heather before and she’ll basically have to tag along with us everywhere as well as go for the 5-hour road trip. Jess told me that Heather won’t be a problem and is very nice.”

She very hesitantly said yes, since she knew Jess wouldn’t be ok with a no instead of a yes. Despite agreeing, Jess could tell she wasn’t into inviting Heather along too.

Jess eventually prodded her more, and she spilled the beans that she was not excited to have a stranger join them on vacation.

Additionally, she wouldn’t feel comfortable giving Heather her own keys to the beach house since she doesn’t know her, so Heather will have to bother her for everything.

aceshot – – illustrative purposes only

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