Her Friend Invited Her Boyfriend To Come Stay At Her House, And She’s Furious Because She Hates This Guy

Pixel-Shot - illustrative purposes only not the actual person

This young woman has a 30-year-old friend who is coming to stay with her sometime soon, along with her 2-year-old son.

She and her friend live in separate states, and her friend thought it would be nice to have a little getaway and visit her.

She made it very clear to her friend that if it was just her and her son coming to visit, they were welcome because she didn’t want her friend’s boyfriend to stay at her house too.

She absolutely hates this guy, and her friend assured her that he was not coming on the trip with them.

“For context, I don’t like her boyfriend because of how he has treated her,” she explained. “He has broken her heart, treated her [terribly], and I don’t think he is a good person.”

“Until about a year ago, I tolerated him, but he went too far, and the last time I saw him, we had an argument.”

“I had a feeling my friend would invite him also, which is why I made it specifically clear when I said yes that it was only okay if it was just her and the kid.”

She has encouraged her friend to leave her boyfriend for good and even offered to let her friend come stay with her permanently, but her friend is too afraid to be alone and without a man.

So, a week before her friend was set to show up at her house, she mentioned her boyfriend is actually coming along and wanted to know if that would be alright.

Pixel-Shot – illustrative purposes only not the actual person

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