Her Girlfriend Is Extremely Unmotivated And Refuses To Get Help, So She’s Wondering If It’s Time To End Their Relationship

It even got so bad that she was forced to take care of her girlfriend’s dog throughout the winter simply because her girlfriend was always too hungover or just too tired to take the pup outside.

Not to mention, her girlfriend was also always too tired to get to work on time with her– since they work at the same company in different departments. This made her constantly late, and she kept telling her girlfriend that she didn’t mind going on the bus or even just driving herself.

Nonetheless, her girlfriend would always insist on traveling to work together. So, she would just miss the bus, wait on her girlfriend, and end up late for work.

“This felt disrespectful, and the dog was the final straw,” she recalled.

“After the winter, I broke up with her but gave her another chance. She insisted she would change and has stepped it up in these two regards.”

Still, some things haven’t changed. She still is unhappy with their chore division, as well as how her current summer is going– because, just like last year, she’s often waiting on her girlfriend to find the motivation to do things.

For instance, she loves hiking, being outdoors, or even just getting out of the house. That’s why she plans all of their dates and getaways and handles the house all by herself.

Before she entered her relationship, she would also often get up early on the weekends or spend whole days just hiking. Her girlfriend claimed to want to give hiking a try, too and was open to being more adventurous.

“And my girlfriend has said that she doesn’t want to spend this summer like the last one where we were hungover, slept late, and didn’t do anything,” she added.

However, she still finds herself waiting around for her girlfriend. Then, her girlfriend will always just come up with an excuse for breaking their plans.

And if she doesn’t wait and goes out by herself or goes hiking with her best friend, her girlfriend just gets extremely jealous and angry.

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