Her Husband Has Been Working Out With Another Woman Before Work Behind Her Back And Refuses To Stop Or Talk About The Issue

Leika production - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 38-year-old woman has been married to her husband, who is 43, for four years. Since tying the knot, they’ve also had two kids. Their eldest is in preschool; meanwhile, their youngest is just 1-year-old.

Yet, on Father’s Day, she came to a shocking realization: he’s been working out, behind her back, with another woman at the gym.

It all began when, that morning, she noticed that her husband had been texting someone and smiling at his phone. He practically ignored her or simply didn’t notice when she invited him to eat breakfast at the table.

That was when she walked closer to get her husband to notice her and realized that he had been messaging a woman she didn’t know.

All she asked at the time was, “Who is that?” mainly because her mom had been in town visiting that day.

However, she did bring up his phone conversation later.

“I said I didn’t know making friends of the opposite gender and not saying anything was okay for us,” she recalled.

Her husband didn’t volunteer any information about his relationship with the other woman. So, she was forced to press him, and he eventually admitted to working out with the woman pretty often.

In fact, they would work out together for about two or three hours before work on three or four days of the week!

Leika production – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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