Her Mom Lost Her License, And She’s Refusing To Buy Groceries Unless Her Mom Initials A Written Shopping List Since She Always Faces Backlash For Getting The Wrong Items

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 16-year-old woman’s mother, who is 44, lost her license after getting a DUI. So, ever since then, she’s been expected to be her mom’s designated shopper or driver. Apparently, her dad is on the road a lot, which is why he cannot do it.

Anyway, she will usually drive her mom to the grocery store. Or, her mom will just tell her what groceries to pick up.

However, her mom sometimes forgets to tell her to buy certain items. Other times, the grocery store will just be out of certain stuff.

“So I try to use my initiative to make her happy. It has rarely turned out well,” she said.

If the store is out of ground turkey, for instance, she will just grab some ground chicken instead. But, her mom has actually called her an “idiot” before for thinking that would work and claimed the substitute was “unacceptable.”

Another time, she showed up at home without any lemons, but her mom never asked for any lemons.

Regardless, her mom was shocked when she didn’t return home with any and claimed they needed to make lemonade since guests were coming over. Then, her mom even asked her, “Why couldn’t you just think?”

She got sick and tired of this, too, which is why, for the past month, she decided she would only drive her mom to the grocery store.

“And I will not go by myself without a list that she has initialed next to every item and written acceptable substitutions,” she explained.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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